53.64875°N 1.33446°W, 2010

–   Individually hand printed type on Fabriano paper.

–   Purchased by Touchstones Art Gallery, Rochdale for their permanent collection.


53.64875°N 1.33446°W was one of a series of works developed during a residency at Ackworth School, West Yorkshire between 2008-2010. The piece explores a place as ‘Chamber of Memories’ and how thoughts, actions and memories becomes inscribed apon and inform a writing of place. Each hand printed word is a name or use associated with the location of Ackworth school (1799 – present) which was gathered through archival research and conversation with the community.  The layers of words date back to when the original farmland and buildings were purchased and developed to be a rural branch of Thomas Coram’s Foundling Hospital (1741-1773) forming not an acurate map of a location but a palimpsest of time and place.

Related works: Inscribing the bounds, 2010. Composition Movimentum, 2010. The naming of Place, 2011.

6. 53.64875°N 1.33446°W, 2011.Hannah Leighton-Boyce