Hannah Leighton-Boyce’s sculptural work ranges from site-specific and ephemeral actions, to drawing, sound and installation. Her working method combines material and process led exploration with present day and archival research to explore forms object, body and environmental relations through themes of surface and erasure, embodiment and connectivity.

Her interest in particular objects and materials lies within their inherent functional values and properties and the language that surrounds them. The selected objects, processes and materials often evidence traces of endeavor that allow them to hover between different states of being and presence. This is sometimes evident within the residual process of making, or a by-product of an accumulative or reductive force often present within items at the end of their intended function life.

With a current focus on the transformative relationship between objects & materials shrouded with a layer of soot. The temporal and interstitial characteristics of the ‘sooting’ process enables aspects of the object beneath to withdraw or to catch it’s breath. The sustained interest in this work lies within the qualities and vulnerability of the surface, dichotomies of proximity/distance, accumulation/erasure and horizontal alignment of object and, at times, the artist body in the making process.


2018   The Guardian: Museum of the Year Shortlist – Glasgow Women’s Library by Jackie Kay
2018   thisistomorrow: ‘Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton-Boyce’ by Selina Oakes
2018   MAP: ‘Consequences of progress, remnents for the future’ by Jazmine Linklater
2018   ART511 Mag: Turning around and back again’ by Lauren Velvick.
2018   Corridor8: ‘Ruth Barker and Hannah Leighton-Boyce‘ by Miles Knapp


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