Hannah Leighton-Boyce’s work explores interests in body and environmental relations, surface and erasure, embodiment and connectivity. Leighton-Boyce’s research is underpinned by an interest in invisible processes, such as the transmission of energy, the passing of time, accumulative and reductive forces. These themes inform sculptural work ranging from site-specific and ephemeral actions, to drawing sound and installation. Ideas are drawn from personal experience, archival research and material and process led investigation.

Hannah Leighton-Boyce is currently showing work in Personal Structures, PAPER Pavilion, Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennale and, Each Toward the Other, Bury Sculpture Centre . Her work has recently featured in exhibitions including Major Conversations: The Industrial Narrative, Platform A Gallery (Middlesbrough, UK); Harry Meadley – But what if we tried? Touchstones (Rochdale, UK); Head to Head: Ruth Barker & Hannah Leighton-Boyce at Castlefield Gallery (Manchester, UK) (touring to Glasgow Women’s Library); Dreaming of Dead Fish (Solo), Warrington Museum & Art Gallery (Warrington, UK); New Work, The Manchester Contemporary 2016 (Manchester, UK); Cloth & Memory {2}, Salts Mill (Saltaire, UK); The Frost Art Museum Drawing Project, The Frost Museum, (Miami, USA).

C.V: Hannah_Leighton-Boyce_Curriculum Vitae_2019




> 9th November: Major Conversations Turnpike Gallery (Leigh, UK)

> 24th November: Personal Structures PAPER Pavilion Palazzo Mora Venice Biennale (Venice, IT)

> 9th November 2019: Each Toward the Other Bury Sculpture Centre (Bury, UK)



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