Hannah Leighton-Boyce’s sculptural work ranges from site-specific and ephemeral actions, to drawing, sound and installation. Her working method combines material and process led exploration with present day and archival research to explore forms object, body and environmental relations through themes of surface and erasure, embodiment and connectivity.

Her interest in particular objects and materials lies within their inherent functional values and the language that surrounds them. The selected objects, processes and materials often evidence traces of endeavor that allow them to hover between different states of being and presence.



> 24th November: Personal Structures PAPER Pavilion, Palazzo Mora Venice Biennale (Venice, IT)

> 24th August 2019 Manifestation – group show, Rogue Artists’ Studios, (Manchester, UK)

> 9th November 2019 Each Toward the Other, group show with Nicola Ellis and Joe Hancock, Bury Sculpture Centre (Bury, UK)



13th – 20th September – Not Photography – group show, Bankley Gallery (Manchester, UK)

2019/2020: Artists & 3D Print residency, PrintCity (Manchester, UK)