[Blueprint] Score for Unit 6, Row G in 8 movements, 2016

– A series of 37 blueprints, first edition monotypes.

Exhibited in Instruments of Industry Touchstones Art Gallery, Rochdale. 25th March – 11th June 2016.

The blueprints are a direct copy of the original working score use to develop the sound installation for Re-sounding Unit 6, Row G. The work is composed as a direct re-sounding of the placement of the tools within the archive. Each page documents a shelf as you are looking down upon its contents and also forms a timeframe within the score, the eight rows forming the eight movements within the composition. The spaces between the blueprints represent both actual physical and audible silence in the archive.


The works and exhibition, Instruments of Industry, approached the tool as an extension of ourselves; our contact, relationship to and being in the world. It draws on the connection between the Museum’s collection of trade tools and their resting place, Thomas Robinson and Son’s, a former engineering works which now houses the archive. These prehensile tools have been elevated to museum objects and represent our pre-industrial relationship to work. Disembodied from the hands and minds that worked them, they are no longer ‘present at hand’ and remain at a distance, carefully preserved as an object of esthetic and historic value.

The work was created over a 12 month residency in Touchstones Museums’ archive and  funded through a New Opportunities Award by New Expressions 3, in partnership with Visual Arts South West, Arts Council England and Touchstones Rochdale.

Images: Simon Liddiard.


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