Dreaming of Dead Fish, 2018

In the work, Dreaming of Dead Fish, three pieces of curved glass, that once belonged to three museum vitrines that housed now deaccessioned taxidermy fish lie on the floor, their shape reminiscent of the curvature of the fishes’ lateral line. The panes no longer function as protection or windows into a diorama, resting with their underbellies exposed the wrong way up. The work giving the exhibition Dreaming of Dead Fish its title.

Material kindly donated by Warrington Museum & Art Gallery.


Dreaming of Dead Fish was an exhibition of newly commissioned artworks informed by research at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery. For the exhibition, Leighton-Boyce presented un-accessioned items in the museum collection alongside glass, soot, and slide film and projection.

Encounters and conversations with the collection led Leighton-Boyce to explore themes of visibility and reflection in her research and studio practice. These themes are translated through the relationship between the works and their considered display within the gallery environment. The materials and processes chosen act like a series of extended moments and pauses; they attest to the fragility of experience

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Images: Simon Liddiard