Repose, 2018

Three works from the series Repose are placed around the gallery. These are a development of Leighton-Boyce’s ongoing Interstitial Drawings series, in which the artist uses a candle and its residue – soot – as her tools. Three glass vanity trays are covered in thin layers of soot. Leaning on a shelf, their undersides face outwards. The act of re-positioning the objects denies them their original function, implying a transitory state further emphasized by the temporality of soot.

The temporal and interstitial characteristics of the ‘sooting’ process enables aspects of the supporting object to withdraw or catch it’s breath, shifting the viewers relationship to and understanding of what they are seeing/experiencing. Leighton-Boyce’s interest in this ongoing work lies, within within the qualities and vulnerability of the surface, dichotomies of proximity/distance, accumulation/erasure and horizontal alignment of the object and, at times, the artists body in the making process.

Dreaming of Dead Fish was an exhibition of newly commissioned artworks informed by research at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery. For the exhibition, Leighton-Boyce presented un-accessioned items in the museum collection alongside glass, soot, and slide film and projection.

Links to other works exhibited in Dreaming of Dead Fish:
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Dreaming of Dead Fish


Images: Simon Liddiard