If walls could talk, the last yarn, 2013

– Thirteen balls of hand spun yarn – remains of dyed/raw unspun alpaca, cotton, and wool fibre found within the walls of the spinning room at Salts Mill, Saltaire.

– Film. 2:42 (filmed by Mary Stark)

If Walls Could Talk, The Last Yarn is on loan to Salts Mill, West Yorkshire.

The Last Yarn was developed in response to finding remnants of dyed/raw un-spun alpaca, cotton, and wool fibre within the walls of the former spinning room at Salts Mill, Saltaire. Today, the spinning room is empty and silent, but at one time, it would have rung with the industrial turn of progression; 120 spinning machines rattling and screeching, filling the space and deafening the ears, the dust and wool consuming the breath and lungs. Within the now vast and empty space, the alcoves recessed along the outer walls were it seems, the perfect space for preserving and archiving the past activity of the space. The making of the work draws on the expression ‘If walls could talk’ and the act of spinning the last thirteen balls of yarn was done in the Windowless spining shed as a symbolic act of remembrance to the lives and stories of those that worked there from 1853-1986.

Filmed by Mary Stark

The last yarn. 2013 Hannah Leighton-Boyce (photo credit Susan Crowe)

©Susan Crowe