The windowless shed camera obscura, 2013

Hannah Leighton Boyce - The Windowless Shed Camera Obscura thumbnail

A series of seven ‘windows’ installed in ventilation alcoves of the windowless spinning shed at Salts Mill, Saltaire, UK for Cloth and Memory {2}

Materials: [Camera] – Lens, glass, wood from disused loom, brass. [Kneeling cushions] – Worsted wool hand dyed with rust collect from within the alcoves, filled with raw alpaca fibre.

The Windowless Shed Camera Obscura was a series of seven individual ‘windows’ (Camera Obscura) created within the wall ventilation alcoves of the spinning room, also know as ‘the windowless shed’, on the top floor of Salts Mill in Saltaire, UK. The work required the viewer to stop and kneel in order to see the ‘windows’ that provided a series of inverted reflections of the present and ‘never seen before views’ from the building. Through the use of the Camera Obscura (references to illusion, optics and trickery and the Victorian ‘sense of wonder’) the work reflects upon the experience of seeing and construction of memory, and obscurity in the process of remembering.

the windowless shed camera obscura